What Diet No More IS NOT:

  • It’s not a diet disguised as a “lifestyle program”
  • It’s not a nutrition program. There is no nutritional advice offered
    You probably feel you could write your own nutrition book with how
    much you already know?
  • It’s not weight focused – it’s natural eating focused
  • It’s not a quick fix. There’s no quick fix that’s permanent

Will the program be right for me?What Diet No More IS:

  • It is an approach that shows you how to eat naturally
  • A program with several support options offered
  • It is a practical set of solutions to help you overcome overeating, stop bingeing and deal with emotional eating or food addiction
  • It is a successful program to help you feel in control of your eating, let go of guilt and be free of diets forever
  • It is an approach recommended by dietitians and other health professionals
  • A program supported by research where you allow weight loss to be a side effect of natural eating
  • It is available as a Book and an E-Course