20 Good Reasons To Stop Dieting

  1. Clear evidence shows that up to 98% of people regain the weight they lost (plus more) after 5 years and up to 66% regain it after just 1 year. NOBODY can do it long term.

  2. You will be fatter after every diet you complete and you will probably have less muscle mass.

  3. Dieting creates feelings of guilt and being out of control around food.

  4. There is a strong link between dieting and eating disorders like compulsive overeating, anorexia and bulimia.

  5. Restriction triggers binge eating. The longer you diet the greater you will feel the urge to binge eat afterwards.

  6. Continued restriction will slow your metabolism You will gain weight easily even eating less than you did before.

  7. Most people blame themselves for failed dieting. If no-one can keep it off why is it your fault? Who is really to blame?

  8. Dieting creates body dissatisfaction. Weighing yourself all the time is a common symptom of this.

  9. Dieting creates a predisposition to emotionally triggered eating. Guilt is the greatest trigger for overeating.

  10. Willpower is NOT something you can do for a lifetime. Nor is Dieting. Willpower is not the answer.

  11. Research shows you CAN lower your health risks for blood pressure and cholesterol WITHOUT dieting. Weight loss is not the only way to manage health issues.

  12. The diet yo-yo increases your chances of dying younger, for high blood pressure and for diabetes.

  13. Weight stability is associated with longer life, even if you are above the “ideal” weight.

  14. There is much evidence to support the negative relationship between dieting and psychological health. Depression and anxiety are common after repeated failed dieting.

  15. Dieting lowers your self esteem. Many feel shame for regaining weight, even though almost everyone does.

  16. Dieting creates impulsive eating tendencies.

  17. Dieting distorts your perception of your body. You look back years later and realise you weren’t fat at all.

  18. Dieting creates negative attitudes towards food. Foods become “good” or “bad”.

  19. Australians spend more than $1 million a day on weight loss attempts with little success (some figures are up to 500 million per year). Stop wasting your money on short term quick fixes.

  20. Instead of asking “how can we make dieting more effective?” or “is dieting effective statistically?” maybe we should ask  “Is there an alternative to dieting as a weight management strategy?”

One Powerful Reason To Stop Dieting

Besides the 20 Good Reasons the most powerful reason to stop is when you know there IS an effective alternative.

Diet No More is a natural eating approach that will help you feel in control and allow you to let go of dieting and of guilt. Make up your mind now to return to a natural, normal way of eating and release yourself from the all consuming nightmare of yo-yo dieting.