How Your Support Works

Firstly, YOU can select your Support Practitioner!

If you look on the Registered Practitioners Page you will see who are current Practitioners are. You can see their location and a description of their background and experiences. Each is different in what they bring but they all bring an understanding of the Diet No More concepts and ideas.

Initially, because each person is carefully selected, there will only be a few Practitioners listed. This list is growing all the time. Afterwards you may want to Become a Registered Practitioner yourself.

How each Support Option Works

  • Weekly Email Support
    We will send you a Personal Support and Feedback Sheet as part of the Course. You can fill this in and return it each week by email to your Practitioner or you can just use it as a guide for what to write. You will receive a personal reply from your Practitioner.

  • Weekly Phone Support
    After you have established email contact with your Practitioner you can arrange a phone session time that is convenient for both of you. At the arranged time your Practitioner will call you. You can chat to your Practitioner about your progress, ask questions and get some personal feedback.

    The phone support means you can speak directly to your Practitioner who is someone with training and experience in the Diet No More approach. Hearing the voice of a friendly, supportive person who really understands you is a great relief and a source of energy and motivation.

    Phone call costs are included in the package. Please make sure you are there when your Practitioner calls at the agreed time. Don’t waste any of your precious support calls.

  • Phone and Email Combination
    You have 4 weeks of email support and 2 personal support calls during the 6 weeks of the course.

    You can organise this in any arrangement you like. For example you might like to use the first 4 weeks as email support and the last 2 weeks as phone support when you might have more questions to ask and need more personal feedback.

    When you select this combination you get the best of both support methods. The email support provides the ongoing contact you need and the phone support offers the personal contact, the friendly voice of someone who knows what you’re going through.

  • The Deluxe Package. Unlimited Email and
    Extended Phone Support

    If you have elected unlimited email support then you can email as often as you like during the 6 weeks – every day if you really want to!

    Plus you have 6 x 45 minute Support calls. Use one per week (or more often if you like) for a total of 6 calls.

    Remember that your Practitioner may not be able to send replies to you every day, however they will send you personal feedback at least every few days if you are committed enough to be sending through email daily!

    We recommend that you use it like a diary and send frequent, smaller reports on your progress for your Practitioner to read, who can then formulate a personal reply to you.

Ask as many questions as you like and get personal feedback.
The support will provide you with the confidence to really immerse yourself in Diet No More ideas and practices and adopt them into your life.

Your Practitioner will understand.
Every Practitioner understands the problems and issues that you may be facing and many have experienced the diet trap themselves.  We specifically look for Practitioners who understand what it’s like to have an eating, diet or weight issue. Many have done the Diet No More course themselves and applied the ideas to their own lives or are very understanding of the issues involved.

Many of our Practitioners are professionals working in other areas (eg Dietetics, Nutrition, Counselling, Naturopathy etc) who have integrated Diet No More ideas and principles into their field.

What do I write?
Each week you can give feedback on –

  1. What you found useful;
  2. Which session(s) you have been doing,
  3. What you have been concentrating on during the
    week and how that’s going;
  4. 3 things you have been doing you are happy with;
  5. Something you want help with and
  6. Any questions you have.

Individual Help
Most Practitioners are available for personal help once you have completed your Support Option. As you are in contact with your Practitioner you can discuss your needs with them. (Please note that Practitioners are registered with us as Diet No More Support contacts however each has their own separate business and Diet No More takes no responsibility for other modalities or services which they may provide.)

Jenny McFadden does provide individual help by phone or in person in her clinics in Sydney, Australia (Crows Nest and Hornsby Heights). For information please email