Support Option Prices

Firstly, YOU can select your Support Practitioner!
Secondly, you can choose the length of your Support Option Package.

You have the option of choosing anything from one to four weeks of any of the support options. Or you can pay for 5 weeks and get the sixth FREE.

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Click on the number of weeks of support you want and the cost will be shown clearly in your shopping cart.

Cost Per Week
Pay for 5 Weeks and get the 6th
Email Only



Email and Phone Only available as a
6 week package.


Phone Only



Deluxe – Full Support



Phone call costs are included, to most destinations (We support most locations including Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and others. Mobile phone numbers are not included in this offer. Call times are arranged directly with your Practitioner.)

All Prices are in AUD and include GST. To convert costs to other denominations please use our Currency Converter. Please use the Currency Converter as a guide only, the actual cost charged will reflect daily fluctuations in the market.

Here are the details of each option and what's included in each 6 week package (the same information applies when you select from 1-4 weeks):

  • Email Support Only
    6 weeks of email support. Once a week send through your e-feedback sheet with information on your progress, any questions and general comments on your week. A personal reply will be sent back to you

  • Email and Phone Combination 
    Only available as a 6 week package.) 4 weeks email AND 2 weeks phone support. A combination of 4 weeks of once-per-week email support (as above) plus 2 x 30 minute support calls anytime during the 6 weeks.

  • Phone support Only 
    1 x 30 minute support call per week for 6 weeks.
    To be arranged with your Practitioner.

  • The Deluxe Package – Full Support
    Unlimited email for 6 weeks and extended phone support. You receive one 45 minute Support call per week for 6 weeks and email as often as you like during the 6 weeks (please allow your practitioner time to write a personal reply.)

Getting Further Help
If, after your Support Option is complete, you would like further support then more is available. You can :

  1. Select another Support package from those offered here.
  2. Do some private work with your Practitioner. It may be by email, phone or in person. They can provide you with information about their support services.