Your Support Options

We offer two kinds of support:

  • Email.
  • Phone.
  • Or A Combination of the two.

Support is an important part of being successful. You need to be able to ask questions and receive feedback from someone who understands.

Having one of our Practitioners to support you is an invaluable resource. In fact we don’t know of any other courses of this kind which also have this level of support available.

And YOU select the Practitioner you want as your support person. Or we can select someone for you, if you prefer.

All Options are 6 weeks in duration and are available to anyone, almost anywhere in the world. (Including Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and others. Contact Us if your location is not mentioned)

  • Once-Per-Week Options:
    • Email Only
      You receive once per week email support
    • Email AND Phone Support:
      You receive 4 weeks of email support (once per week) and 2 weeks of phone support (1x 30 minute phone call per week)
    • Phone Support Only:
      You receive 6 x 30 minute phone calls, one per week.
  • The Deluxe Package:
    Unlimited email and Extended Phone Support.
    You receive unlimited weekly email support, for 6 weeks
    AND 6 x 45 minute phone calls, one per week for 6 weeks.

Phone call costs are included, to most destinations (We support most locations including Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and others. Mobile phone numbers are not included in this offer.)

Why we don’t offer free support.
Over the last 15 years we’ve learned from experience that most people don’t make use of support when it’s free. Maybe when something is free it isn’t valued highly enough.

We know that people who’ve committed themselves to having Support do make use of it, and are more successful. And that’s what we are committed to – your success.

What if I am an overseas client?
If you are in an overseas location that’s fine too. It’s no different – just a little more organising  may need to go in to working out support phone call times, taking into account the time differences between countries We support most overseas locations including USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and others.

Individual Help
Most Practitioners are available for personal help once you have completed your Support Option. Once you have been in contact with your Practitioner you can discuss your needs with them. (Please note that Practitioners are registered with us as Diet No More Support contacts however each has their own separate business and Diet No More takes no responsibility for other modalities or services which they may provide.)

Jenny McFadden does provide individual help by phone or in person in her clinics in Sydney, Australia (Crows Nest and Hornsby Heights). For information please email

The Group Course
The group course may be available soon through your Support Practitioner. It is not widely available yet, however with more Practitioners becoming available we hope this will be a regular offering. Our website will be updated to include this information as it becomes available and we will include this information in our e-newsletter.

Getting Further Help
If, after your Support Option is complete, you would like further support then more is available. You can :

  1. Select another Support package from those offered here.
  2. Do some private work with your Practitioner. It may be by email, phone or in person. They can provide you with information about their support services and prices. Each will be different.

For any other questions about Support email