It's a Recognised Course

The Diet No More course is recognised by the Association for Applied Control Theory Australia (AACTA). You can do the Diet No More course anytime and you will be recognised as having covered a number of key areas in Level 1 of Applied Control Theory. Then, to apply to have your hours awarded, you will be required to submit a short personal account which outlines what you’ve learned and understood about Control Theory.

If you continue on and complete Level 1 and/or 2 training in Control Theory it provides a firm grounding for becoming a Diet No More Practitioner, especially if you need more confidence and experience in working with people. We regard this training very highly and look favourably upon anyone with these qualifications as it includes a lot of experiential training in interviewing/counselling and also in presenting skills.

Level 1 and 2 training is available from Judy and Jenny who are both AACTA Instructors, Judy being a Senior Faculty Member. In addition your training is recognised by IAACT which is the International affiliate.

The Association has a new website and has all the details about what is involved in completing your Certification. It also has more information on Perceptual Control Theory, other courses you can do and who recognises your qualifications.

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