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In Pursuit Of Happiness

by E.Perry Good
If you want more out of life, this is a great place to start! How many of us truly find happiness or even know what it means? In this book, E. Perry Good explains what you can do if you want to have a happier life. Explore the four parts of your behavioural system and discover how basic psychological needs motivate all our actions. Once you learn to read your own internal signals, you can act responsibly to support these basic needs. New View's all-time best seller!

ISBN 0-944337-00-7   •   Softcover 198 pages


It’s Finally Ok To Be The Boss

by E. Perry Good
Become the leader you want to be. Manage people effectively! An easy-to-read manual for anyone who supervises one or more people in the workplace. E. Perry Good explains - in simple terms - human motivation and behaviour and gives you the tools to apply them effectively to the task of supervision. Teachers have found this book has helped them become better classroom managers, too. New revised edition!

ISBN 0-944337-42-2   •   Softcover 150 pages


Overall Direction

by E. Perry Good
We all go through tough times - the loss of a loved one, a career change, relationship problems. Don't despair - it may be that you just need a new direction! Using E. Perry Good's flexible, interactive approach you'll learn the six overall directions that point the way toward a more fulfilling life. Each chapter has specific questions and techniques to help you choose the right road, as well as examples of real people who found their way out of difficult situations. This unique book is structured for maximum effectiveness. Learn how you can take control of your life!

ISBN 0-944337-33-3   •   Softcover 222 pages


Reinventing Yourself

by D. Barnes Boffey
Become the person you want to be! Barnes Boffey shows you how to make profound personal changes through the process of reinventing yourself. Learn how to examine your "blueprints" and evaluate whether these basic assumptions and behaviours will lead you to a fully functional life. Avoid the pitfalls of denial and recognize when your behavioural choices are working against you. An essential reference for counsellors or anyone struggling with addiction and other tough problems.

ISBN 0-944337-14-7   •   Softcover 132 pages


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