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A Connected School

by E Perry Good, Jeff Grumley and Shelley Roy
In their new book, Perry, Jeff, and Shelley take the concepts of achievement, care, and safety and show the connections between them and Perceptual Control Theory. The authors then provide strategies based on the model of internal motivation and purposeful behaviour that will help you improve and connect school climate, achievement, and safety in your school.

ISBN 0944337-45-7   •   Softcover 206 pages



Creating The Conditions

by Diane Gossen and Judy Anderson
A must for educators who want to move their school in a new direction! Gossen and Anderson start with a strong, theoretical foundation - a lucid explanation of internal motivation and purposeful behaviour. From this proceeds a discussion of the most powerful leadership tools: creating vision, resolving conflicts, and reaching consensus. Includes valuable hints on how to improve your curriculum.

ISBN 0-94437-26-0   •   Softcover 260 pages



Creating the Conditions Leader Manual

by Diane Gossen  and Judy Anderson
Leadership for Quality Schools. This is a practical guide for leaders who are putting the ideas of Creating the Conditions into practice. This manual makes it easy with activities covering each section of the book.

Spiral Bound  131 pages


Helping Kids Help Themselves

by E. Perry Good
Peer pressure, poverty, drugs, gangs -- being a kid today isn't easy. But you can help kids to avoid self-destructive behaviours by encouraging self-motivation and self-esteem. In this popular book, E. Perry Good explores the basic psychological needs all children have and how you can teach them to best meet those needs. Become more involved in your kid's life by understanding the Levels of Perception and the Quality World. Includes practical solutions to common teen problems. Essential reading for any parent!

ISBN 0-944337-08-2   •   Softcover 195 pages



Helping Kids Help Themselves Facilitator's Guide

by E. Perry Good
This guide shows you how to design, organize, and conduct parent programs or in-service workshops for teachers and counsellors based on the book Helping Kids Help Themselves. Adults will learn how to foster self-discipline and independence in kids.

ISBN 0-944337-18-X   •   Spiral bound 70 pages



In Pursuit Of Happiness

by E.Perry Good
If you want more out of life, this is a great place to start! How many of us truly find happiness or even know what it means? In this book, E. Perry Good explains what you can do if you want to have a happier life. Explore the four parts of your behavioural system and discover how basic psychological needs motivate all our actions. Once you learn to read your own internal signals, you can act responsibly to support these basic needs. New View's all-time best seller!

ISBN 0-944337-00-7   •   Softcover 198 pages



Quality Time For Quality Kids

by Glenn Smith and Kathy Tomberlin
This counselling guidebook for children ages four to ten presents helpful ideas for conducting group activities and teaching children to discover their own special qualities. Contains delightful illustrations by Jeffrey Hale and many creative activities to help build self-esteem. The activities encourage involvement, affirmation of self, and problem solving.

ISBN 0-944337-09-0   •   8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound 183 pages


Restitution –
Restructuring School Discipline

by Diane Chelsom Gossen
If you want your kids to learn from their mistakes, punishment isn't the answer - it just makes a bad situation worse. In this groundbreaking book, Diane Gossen explains how you can foster self-discipline in your students. Restitution is an approach to discipline based on the recognition that young people will make mistakes, and it emphasizes positive strategies when problems do occur. New revised edition now available!

ISBN 0-944337-36-8   •   Softcover 139 pages


Restitution Facilitators Guide

by Diane Chelsom Gossen
Help your staff learn how to lead students to fix their own mistakes, focus on self-discipline, and build self-esteem. Expands on the ideas in the book Restitution and provides activities to conduct your own staff-development program. Contains invaluable reproducible handouts. New and revised Second Edition now available!

ISBN 0-944337-37-6   •   Softcover 124 pages


The Teacher And Counsellor Guide To
Pursuit Of Happiness

by Delores Switzer
Provides teachers and counsellors with activities based on In Pursuit of Happiness for children in grades six to twelve. Contains cooperative learning activities, group discussions, writing exercises, role plays, lectures, and novel ways to use multimedia as an instructional tool in the classroom.

ISBN 0-944337-12-0   •   Spiral bound 100 pages


The Happy Hour Guide

by E. Perry Good
A valuable tool for group leaders, counsellors, and teachers. The Happy Hour Guide is designed to help group facilitators teach the ideas presented in In Pursuit of Happiness. Follow the ten group meetings exactly as presented or use the guide as a springboard to design a format to fit the specific needs of your group. Appropriate for group work with both adults and teenagers.

ISBN 0-944337-28-7   •   Spiral bound 54 pages


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