Will the Diet No More approach be suitable for me?

Do you have 4 or more of these symptoms?

  1. Yo-yo weight loss and regain
  2. Emotional overeating
  3. Compulsive overeating
  4. Out of control eating. Bingeing
  5. Scared of eating in case you gain weight
  6. Feeling guilty when you eat
  7. You feel depressed and anxious about your body/weight
  8. Starting your diet on Monday (again)
  9. Feel as if you’re addicted to food
  10. Eat in secret
  11. “I’ll be good tomorrow” is your repeated promise
  12. After your diet “weigh in” you eat all the “bad” foods you crave, reasoning that you’ll have a week to catch up
  13. You constantly count food (calories, kilojoules, portions, carbs, points, fats, or whatever it is this time)
  14. Feel disillusioned and fed up with your life revolving around food
  15. You hate your body, you avoid mirrors
  16. You wonder why you feel successful in other parts of your life but like a failure when it comes to your weight or eating issue

If you have any of these Diet No More can help. If you have 4 or more you really need our specialised help.

You were NOT born with these behaviours. You learned them from a life focused on weight loss and dieting. You can unlearn them. These behaviours are not natural. They are the direct result of the destructive diet process.

You were probably unaware you were being cheated of your natural connection with your body signals and being taught damaging diet beliefs and attitudes.
You were born with natural body intuition that’s there to help you control your weight naturally. That’s what you need to return to.

Download the needs analysis quizThe NECTAR Needs

We suggest you download the questionnaire then print it out and complete it when you can give it your full attention.

It is an illuminating and eye opening questionnaire which will give you insight into yourself at this current time in your life.

The Diet No More book perfectly accompanies this quiz. To understand more about each of the Needs please go to the Chapters in Diet No More called “Food is Not a Feeling” and “A Control Theory Primer.”

This isn’t just a magazine quiz. It’s an in-depth profile of you. And it will help you understand what needs might be triggering eating for you, right now. Understanding your needs is one of the secrets of Diet No More.

The fact is that most of us eat for reasons other than hunger in attempt to meet one or more of these Needs. Once you identify which Need(s) may be currently out of balance you have a secret of successful weight management that’s a specific profile of you. Once you have this information you can directly satisfy the need(s) in ways that are satisfying, other than eating.