Commonly Asked Questions And Answers

What do you mean by "natural weight"?

Everyone's natural weight is different and it may be nothing like that given in those weight/height tables so common in most diet companies. Your natural weight and shape is, to a large extent, determined by your genetic make-up - so a trip through the family photo album will give you some clues. If you have spent years of yo-yo dieting, your body may not remember what your natural weight is. However if you feed it the food that your body tells you it needs, and learn to stop when it has had enough, your body will soon "remember" what you weight should be and start returning to it. This is sometimes called a "set-point" by scientists who have discovered that no matter what we do, our body will always fight back and return to the "set-point" at which it feels most comfortable and functions best.

Worrying about your natural weight will probably only lead to over eating. Although it's difficult to predict what your natural weight will be, you are much better off just allowing it happen naturally.

What about low fat?

When you ask this question, are you focusing on weight loss or health?

There is no doubt that if you restrict your intake of fat you will be more healthy and probably lose weight if you need to. But there is a problem with the idea of restriction. The more you say no to chips, ice cream, cheese etc. the more you will want them. If you have ever freed yourself from the rules of a diet to joyfully overeat on "forbidden foods" and then felt guilty after you'll know what we mean.

And if the only reason you restrict yourself to low fat is that you want to lose weight then it is unlikely to become a part of your lifestyle on a long term basis.

So Nectar does not restrict you to any particular foods. Instead you will be focusing on listening to your body and having the best possible quality food experiences. You will always be free to choose what to eat.The result is that your body wisdom begins to reassert itself. It will let you know that foods low in fat actually feel better inside your body.

We recommend you treat your body well whether you have been a dieter or not. Low fat eating is one way to do this, but do it because it makes your body feel good - not as a rule to obey.

What about exercise?

The choice to exercise can only be sustained if you are doing it because you want to and you enjoy it. As long as you "should" exercise to lose weight, you'll keep finding excuses not to. But when you find a form of exercise you enjoy and which suits you and your lifestyle, you are more likely to keep doing it because it feels good.

The Nectar course does not advocate any particular form of exercise nor tell you what you should do. Our aim is to help you think differently about it, to choose it as a way of helping your body feel good.

Think about this... have you ever heard anybody come back from a long walk or swim and say "I'm really sorry I went"?

Is it normal to be worried about letting go of the scales or of controlling my weight by dieting?

Yes, everyone worries about letting go of dieting and weighing themselves because it’s been the norm most of their life. Perhaps you fear your eating will be out of control or worried your weight will skyrocket without the apparent “control” of the scales or the diet sheet?

We know you might be worried about letting go of dieting and weighing yourself. Perhaps you fear your eating will be out of control or worried your weight will skyrocket without the apparent “control” of the scales or the diet sheet?

But hold on, do the scales or food sheets really keep you in control? Are they working for you now?

If you have experienced out of control eating behaviours whilst you were dieting you know how terrible it is. Everyone who diets experiences out of control eating to some degree. But most people don’t talk about it because they think others won’t understand or that other dieters aren’t having the same problem. They will understand because they are!

Any restrictive food program will create ineffective eating behaviours in you. It sets you up to fail, to feel guilty, deprived and ashamed. They are not normal ways of eating.

Diet No More is a paradigm shift in the way you think about weight and eating management. Basically the shift is from external to internal. Till now diets have focused primarily on changing what goes on outside your body (by monitoring and changing what you eat.) Long term, successful weight and eating management is an inside job!

People who successfully manage their weight without dieting (we call them natural eaters) focus internally, trusting their body signals to be the cue for eating and they don’t use food as an emotional support, nor do they feel guilty around food.