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Perhaps it should be called my Reconnecting Page because the learning and information on these pages is about how we can reconnect with ourselves in mind, body and spirit. When we feel in touch with ourselves we are more able to understand what our body is saying about what we need - whether it be companionship, love, strength, playfulness, freedom, confidence or nurturing of the body.

We need food for our bodies. We need emotional connection and spiritual nourishment for our soul.

If you are ready to explore yourself, explore new realms of learning and perhaps even share with others I invite you to join me in this new adventure. The Diet No More Mastermind Group will allow you to connect with others who are also on the same journey.

What you will find here.

The aim of this page is to take you further into new, fascinating territory which has the potential to change your life even more. Just as the ideas in Diet No More asked you to look into yourself for answers so I offer you the next step in self understanding and healing.

Bite size diet-no-morsels are now available.

At www.youtube.com.au/dietnomore you will find some new ideas, thoughts and strategies that are my contribution to your diet-free journey.

  1. Does anxiety sabotage your eating?

    Are you worried about your mortgage, your health, your job or relationship? Learn to reduce your anxiety in just minutes.
    Watch my demonstration of Energy Psychology (called Emotional Freedom Techniques) and find out how it can help you to feel calm, yet more energised and in balance. Go to www.youtube.com.au/dietnomore
    Try it for 5-10 minutes per day and at the end of the week log on and leave your feedback and see how others have fared as part of my Mastermind group (see below).

    The other information you will need as part of your practice this week is:
  2. Karen’s 5 Tips for Success on youtube

    Karen has been using the principles of natural eating for over 20 years and has managed her weight successfully for that long. She never diets, weighs herself or restricts what she eats!

    See Karen and listen to her experiences as she gives you her best 5 tips for natural weight management. You will really enjoy hearing Karen speak.

    Go to: www.youtube.com/dietnomore

    In other interviews Karen answers some of your often asked questions. I think it is interesting and informative to hear someone other than me talk about her experiences using natural eating and a non-diet approach to weight and eating management.

My Journey

Since Judy and I wrote Diet No More many years ago I have been searching for more understanding because I want to do more to help solve the mysteries behind why we have weight and eating problems. I had many questions including –

  • Does the unconscious affect our behaviour?
  • Can we change our behaviour and our feelings using energy psychology?
  • Is it important to understand food allergies to solve weight problems?
  • What is Kinesiology and can that help?
  • Can we really release old sabotage programs?
  • Can we learn to use our intuition to help find our life pathway?
  • Are there easy, quick things I can teach others to do that will really help?
  • Will anyone be interested in learning these new techniques?

    The answer has been a resounding YES to all!

I have been working with groups and individuals using lots of other strategies and methods and finding them to be really successful. Many of them are therapies that are based on understanding ourselves as energetic beings.

Over the recent years I have been studying and training in lots of these approaches and I have discovered that many people, perhaps including you, are interested in knowing more about this fascinating field.

This page is my contribution for you – a way you can try out some of these ideas and see if they work for you. Some of the disciplines I will be drawing from include Energy Psychology, Kinesiology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other Intuitive Methods.

I will be showing you how you can apply these ideas in your own lives easily and effectively.