What is Nectar and Diet No More?

NECTAR is the original name of our Course and many people know us by this name. Nectar stands for Natural Eating, Control Theory And Results.

Diet No More is the name of our book - as it has sold so many copies we have begun to refer to the whole program as Diet No More just to make it easier. The two names are interchangeable.

What is natural eating?

Natural eating is what we were born knowing how to do – listening and responding to our body's signals of hunger and satisfaction. When we stay in touch with this natural, intuitive eating ability we are using food for its natural purpose – to nourish our body and keep us alive.

Many of us eat for reasons other than our body’s need for survival. For example emotional overeating and stress eating are especially common when events in our life don’t seem within our control. 

We can use food in an attempt to nourish ourselves emotionally, to satisfy someone else or even to avoid doing something we don’t really want to do.

In the Diet No More program we focus on your natural, intuitive eating ability and reconnect with signals of hunger, satisfaction and fullness.

What is natural eating?You can choose to eat whatever your body is telling you it needs….no food is forbidden. You will learn to trust your innate ability to regulate your eating. But that’s not enough on its own…

We’ll also teach you powerful strategies for decreasing or eliminating the triggers that cause your non-hungry eating.

Diet No More shows you HOW to change your thinking

Download a sample of the programThe most important thing in long term weight and eating management is to stop thinking like a dieter and start thinking like a natural eater.

Whilst you continue to have the thoughts of a dieter you will continue to feel and behave like one. For example, if you keep thinking “I can only be happy with myself if I’m thin” then it’s inevitable you will keep feeling depressed which is a trigger for further comfort eating. It’s a continuous cycle of hopelessness.

Diet No More shows you HOW to change your thinking

You can free yourself from repeating these old mental patterns.

Diet No More is the ONLY program of its kind to teach you the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of a natural eater.

And it is the ONLY program which has an easy to understand psychology at its heart which makes it more powerful than any other program of this type. Your life will never be the same once you understand and use the concepts in our course.

You will discover there is a way for you to be in control, relaxed, confident, free and in charge of your life. Without dieting.

The "side effect" becomes the central advantage: You learn to get your life into balance.

What are the results?What are the results?

  • Greater self esteem and self confidence
  • Overcome overeating
  • Feel in control again
  • Stop bingeing
  • Release food addiction
  • Natural weight management without dieting
  • Enjoy your life whilst eating what you
    and your body enjoy
  • Your weight change will be a side effect of becoming a natural eater.
  • Your learning will be recognised as counting towards a Professional Qualification.


I would like to thank you for the home study course and your support over the last 6 months. Through doing the course I have lost a lot of weight, but more importantly I have lost the constant tension I felt around food.
Deb, Canberra, Australia.