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Diet No More Course

Until now the original Diet No More (Nectar) course has only been available as a group course or in correspondence format (in hard copy only).

Now we offer you a NEW E-Course which includes all the course material, with optional support, to anyone, anywhere in the world – instantly. 

And we’ve been able to reduce the cost by a huge 75%!

The NEW E-Course

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By examining the contents of these free downloads you will be reassured that your results will be worth much, much more than your $99 investment.

The Content of the E-Course:

  • 6 Booklets and 6 audio guidance tracks that lead you through the activities in each session
  • Each session contains unique activities which teach you the secrets of natural eaters (that are not in the book)
  • More explanation of Control Theory and how it relates to managing your eating and achieving balance in your life
  • Question and answer section at the end of each session
  • Supported by University research. Download article about the research
  • Select one of our optional 6 week Support Packages with email or phone support, or a combination of the two
  • You can choose which one of our Practitioners will provide support for you
  • Available immediately, anywhere in the world. Order now