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    Catherine Saxelby

    Catherine is Australia's most well known Nutritionist and author. She wrote the forword for Diet No More! and also several pages for the Diet No More e-course. Her website and her books contain up to date information on nutrition and other health issues. 

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    Are fluctuating or imbalanced hormones contributing to your weight problem? My own experience has led me to appreciate that taking a holistic view of weight management is very important. This includes considering what is happening in your body that might be related to hormonal issues. Emotional triggers are a major cause of overeating but sometimes those emotions can be exaggerated by fluctuating hormones. Hormones can play a major role in your ability to manage your weight. Mood swings and surging emotions as well as many other physical symptoms can indicate hormonal imbalance. One option for peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms is Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy using bio-identical hormones.