Become A Practitioner

We need more interested and qualified Practitioners to become part of our network.

Anyone, regardless of profession, can become a Registered Diet No More Practitioner. As long as you’ve had a dieting background and the Diet No More experience we encourage you to apply.

We will ask you to supply your background details, your experiences, any professional qualifications you may have and what you would like to offer. We do asses each person’s application individually and we talk with you personally before approving your Registration.

There is a fee to become a Practitioner which includes the rights to use the Diet No More material and have your details posted on the webpage as a Registered Practitioner.

Once registered you can add the Diet No More material to your own area of expertise and offer support services to participating clients. Perhaps you would like to run courses?

If you are in Australia some free training is included in the Pracititioner package. Further intensive interviewing and counselling training is also available. Any training you complete with us is recognised by AACTA (Association for Applied Control Theory Australia) and the International (IAACT) as counting towards the first level of Certification in Applied Control Theory. (Overseas training in Applied Control Theory is available.)

We welcome overseas enquiries too. Although the free Diet No More Training is not currently available overseas you are still welcome to apply to become a Registered Practitioner. And we do need more Practitioners outside Australia to assist clients in other countries.

For more information please email to request the Practitioner Information Package.