About The Authors

Judith and Jenny McFadden are a mother and daughter team. They had both been long term chronic dieters until they developed this program.

Originally they developed the program just for themselves, having done every diet at least once and falling into the trap of repeated yo-yo dieting. Judith had been dieting for over 40 years and Jenny started when she was 14. Judith once calculated that she’d done over thirty different diets over the 40 years and had lost at least 2 of herself during that time, only to find herself at her biggest size ever!

Judith and Jenny McFaddenJudith and Jenny embarked on a personal journey to understand why diets don’t work and what to do about it that might solve their weight issues.   They knew the problem was really in the head, not the stomach.

Judith applied her professional expertise as a Psychologist and their extensive experiences as dieters to come up with a unique program called NECTAR. It combines the concept of natural eating with the powerful psychology she uses successfully with her clients, called Control Theory. 

Working together Judith and Jenny developed completely new strategies aimed at undoing the learned behaviours that sabotage dieters’ attempts to control their weight.

As a result of their success with the program they went on to write a best selling book called Diet No More! which has also been published in the USA, and Korea in translation.

They realised that any program for people with eating or dieting problems must NOT focus on weight loss.  Instead the focus must be on learning how to think and behave like a natural eater.

Judith and Jenny McFadden“It’s madness to keep on doing the same thing and expect to get a different result”, says Judy. “Dieters need to know how to replace unsuccessful diet behaviours with natural eating ones.”

As a result they both achieved the long sought after changes that meant they could live their lives free of diets, deprivation and guilt.

Yes, they lost weight - but more importantly they experienced powerful invisible changes taking place INSIDE.  Changes in thinking, in beliefs and attitudes…in body image, self esteem and confidence.   And there were “side effects” – applying these new ideas to life as a whole brought about significant positive changes.

Neither is thin enough to be seen on any catwalk very soon (who is?)! Both want you to recognise that the ability to live a life of freedom, a life of calmness around food and a life of body confidence no matter what size is something very precious.

Jenny talks about body acceptanceWhat are they doing now?

Judith “almost” retired this year at the age of 76, long past the usual retirement age; such is her vigour and commitment to helping others. She is still writing and working on other projects even in “retirement.”

Jenny has a private practice in Sydney, Australia as a holistic health practitioner helping clients regain balance in mind, body and spirit and continues to work with people who want to apply Nectar principles in their lives. She also teaches Interviewing Skills (based on Control Theory) to other health practitioners  and has extended her qualifications to include other healing modalities including Kinesiology, Energy Psychology and others.  Her interests lie in the application of new, complementary techniques to this complex area of weight and eating management. To try some of these new applications go to What’s New.

To contact Jenny for a personal appointment (in person or over the phone) email her at: jenny@dietnomore.com.au