About The Book

  • A best seller Australia, reprinted 12 times
  • The only book of its kind to be written by a psychologist who was also a dieter for 40 years
  • Checklist at the end of every chapter
  • Foreword by leading Australian Nutritionist, Catherine Saxelby
  • Practical ideas, easy to read and NO diet contained within its pages
  • Find out how to use the Food Olympics to select food that really
    deserves a place in your stomach
  • Find out what are the Thoughts that Lead to Freedom  -
    those of a natural eater
  • Starting, Selecting and Stopping strategies
  • Food is not a Feeling – identify your feelings and the things that trigger eating for you
  • Learn about the psychology called Control Theory and how it explains what’s happening when we use food for other reasons
  • Download Index from the Book
  • Download a sample chapter from the Book

    The Diet No More Book is sold separately to the Online Course and is only available in hard copy.